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Luxury Cottages  or Luxury Country homes, Luxury Vacation homes is  the term used in the real estate industry for recreational properties offering luxury life style living for rich, famous, professionals, and other upper end of the socio-economic group of people in the society. Prices for such homes range from few hundred thousand dollars to multi million dollars.

The price of a luxury cottages varies from cottage country to cottage country and from province to province.  In some provinces cottages with quality and high end finishes still can be had for under a million dollar while one will have to pay several million dollars for such a cottage in demand locations of BC or Ontario.

It is not the price that decides the luxury status of the property, rather  it is the life style that a property can offer as compared to some internationals measures of luxury. Here below are some measures of luxury accepted by the society for cottage properties: 

1.     Size

2.     Finish

3.     Features

4.     Surroundings

5.     Water view

6.     Water shore line

7.     Recreational facilities

8.     Swimming, Boating, Water Sports

9.     Seasonal or Year round

10.  Climate Hot  / Cold

11.  Variation in daily temperature

12.  Fishing

13.  Natural Trails

14.  Skiing

15.  Golf and other Recreational Facilities

16.  View

17.  Amenities

18.  Proximity

19.  Peaceful and Quiet Living

20.  Unwanted Commercialization

21.  Architectural significance

22.  Historical Appeal

23.  Surrounding homes

24.  Use and Access to Technology at the Property

25.  Neighbourhood

26.  Exclusivity

27.  Value

When all things are taken into account, a luxury property can be easily be defined for a specific area. Luxury  cottages take more time to buy and more time to sell simply because it is a significantly small portion of the total market.